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What Causes Tooth Loss?


Teeth don’t fall out in one day. They don’t fall out in one week. The process that causes tooth loss takes months or even years to develop. However, you can prevent it. There are five major causes of tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease

A disease of the gums results in the denudation of the necks of the teeth. The tightness of the connection between the tooth and gum tissue is deranged. As a result, the tooth becomes sensitive to hot or cold. The tooth gradually loosens and eventually falls out. Periodontal disease is dangerous because it causes no visible inflammation of the gums, but it can affect the whole jaw at once.

How can you prevent it? Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to see periodontal disease on your own, especially in its initial stages. So once every six months, give your dentists in Cancun a look at your mouth.

A Pocket Between Your Gum and Your Tooth

A pocket where food enters appears with periodontal disease. You can treat it with therapeutic methods in its early stages, but in the latter stages — only by tooth extraction.

How to prevent it? Watch how you feel when you brush your teeth and eat. Does anything bother you? Just in case, go for a checkup. What if there’s a pocket-forming right now that risks becoming a bigger problem?

Cyst or Granuloma at the Root Tip


The difference between the two is slight and easy to remember. A granuloma is a small problem, and a cyst is a big one. So you get either poor treatment (less often) or no treatment at all (more often).

First, a granuloma sets in on the tooth (caused by trauma, infection), and if left untreated, it will turn into a cyst. A cyst is complex and longer to fight. But even it is treatable, if not neglected to the last stage when the tooth must be extracted. It is impossible to walk with a huge cyst – it will not let you live, causing severe pain.

How to prevent it? First, it is not difficult to go to the dentist when pain occurs and find out the cause. He started the process before the extraction of the tooth. Second, you have so many chances to save the situation that you should try not to take advantage of them.

Pregnancy and Lactation

During pregnancy, a lot of calcium goes into the development of the baby’s bones. And a woman’s teeth without calcium become brittle and weak. Hence the consequence – many lose teeth during pregnancy, although there is a chance to keep them.

How can you prevent this? First, when planning a pregnancy, be sure, be sure, to examine your oral cavity and correct any existing problems.

Get hygienic cleanings. Let your dentist know that you are planning a pregnancy, and they will examine each tooth. Let the dentist see you more often — you’ll only get better. Ask what vitamins to make up for calcium loss you need to take.

Incorrect Bite

If your teeth are misaligned, they don’t contact each other as they should when you chew. The result is worn enamel, chips, trauma, and loosening.

How can you prevent it? First, take care of your kids, and don’t skimp on spending money on good orthodontics in Cancun. Fix your child’s bite now, so they don’t have to worry about their teeth and spend money on dentists later in adulthood.

The Leading Cause of Tooth Loss

What causes tooth loss? Periodontal disease, pocket, cavities, cysts germs trigger these diseases. In addition, years of smoking, eating junk food, lack of vitamins, severe stress reduce the overall immunity, which affects the condition of the teeth and gums.

So the essential advice is to lead a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep. Hygiene should become an integral part of your life. Take vitamins as prescribed by your doctor. And once every six months, go for a checkup. The dental clinic in Cancun will help you with this.