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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Mexico?


Teeth whitening in Cancun is a process that is applied to lighten the tone of teeth that have been stained over time due to different reasons, including the consumption of certain foods and poor oral hygiene practices.

Wearing a radiant smile is as important as what we wear or how we look on the exterior for other people.

This is why, cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most important fields of oral health, causing dentists to implement various types of teeth whitening to ensure a perfect and healthy smile.

How much teeth whitening costs in Cancun may vary depending on the method or procedure where it is carried out, and the types of whitening practiced.

Types of Teeth Whitening


Laser Teeth Whitening

The laser teeth whitening dental technique is performed by using a laser lamp that recovers the teeth’ natural coloration.

In this process, a gel that is characterized by having the ability to strongly penetrate the enamel and cause the splitting of pigmentation molecules on the dental surface is applied, resulting in much whiter and cleaner tooth color.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Notable results immediately
  • The gel used for the treatment works as an antiseptic, reducing the appearance of bacteria 
  • It is not painful
  • The price of this type of whitening ranges from $100 to $250 USD, varying by the place where it is performed, the number of sessions required, and the quality of products used for the procedure

Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening

During this treatment, a gel that contains a hydrogen composition of 40% is applied and unlike other procedures, it is not necessary to light up the procedure to activate it and get good results.

Benefits of Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening

  • Does not need a lamp to activate its whitening molecules
  • This gel has a formula capable of strengthening enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity
  • The treatment can be applied to one tooth or the entire denture
  • In Mexico, prices range from approximately $100 to $250 USD

Teeth Whitening Home Kit

There are other options such as a variety of products for gradual at-home whitening that are offered in pharmacies or dental centers that a person can use without the intervention of a specialist, such as:

  • Dental molds
  • Pastes or gels for whitening
  • Led lamp for daily application

The price of home dental kits can vary, since there are products that can be obtained separately or in complete packages, ranging from $15 to $150 USD, depending on the brand.

At Dental Clinic Cancun we feature quality dental whitening treatments in Cancun using the highest technology on the market, that may suit each of your needs. We also offer these treatments priced according to the treatment you require.

Are you ready to wear a white-teeth smile? Make your appointment now!

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