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How Can I Make My Smile Look Better?


Everyone has different ideas about beauty. But when it comes to a smile, the consensus is the same: Beautiful teeth are healthy, straight, and white. But what to do if you don’t like the looks of your teeth?

First and Foremost, Treatment, Not Aesthetics

If you’re not happy with the appearance of your teeth, any changes should start with a visit to a dentist-therapist. As long as there are functional problems, it is not possible to move to procedures that only improve the appearance of the teeth.

Therefore, if the teeth are uneven, orthodontic treatment is the first step. Aligners are the most modern way to correct your bite because they are comfortable and discreet. In addition, there is no age limitation for wearing aligners: they can be worn by children as soon as the permanent dentition is formed, teenagers and adults.

In cases where individual teeth are missing, there are two options:

  1. In some cases, you can close the gap between juxtaposed teeth with aligners, form an even and tight row of teeth and do nothing else. If there were a missing chewing tooth (5th-7th), it would not be noticeable visually. But functionally, this method is not the best, as it can break the symmetry of the rows. In addition, you can hide the shortage of a maximum of one tooth.
  2. With the help of orthodontic treatment, prepare the place for implants. Then carry out the implantation. This method takes longer, but the result is a complete restoration of teeth functionality.

Preparation for Implantation

Dentists in Cancun prepare the place for the implant while wearing aligners. The treatment sequence is as follows: first, they correct the bite and then place the implants. Once specialists place them, the teeth must no longer move. Then, the implants are designed so a dentist can put them in the correct bite (occlusion).

If the teeth are occluded so that the chewing load is not evenly distributed, the implant will be under-loaded or overloaded. Both are unacceptable. An experienced dentist will refuse to implant an overbite because they cannot guarantee the work.



Aesthetic procedures include those that do not affect the function of the teeth but make them look attractive.

Artistic restoration

It includes disguising small cracks, chips, and scratches in the enamel with filling material, as long as the tooth’s root is not damaged. Artistic restoration, or as it is sometimes called “Enlargement,” is an excellent way to hide minor defects for those who are happy with the natural color of the enamel.

The color of the aesthetic filling is matched to the color of the remaining teeth, and the filling looks natural. But it is not possible to bleach it. Therefore, experts do not recommend bleaching after such restoration — the natural enamel will whiten, and the filling may begin to stand out.


If you like the shape of teeth, no fluorous or other stains on the enamel, but would like to lighten it, bleaching is ideal. Whitening in Cancun has almost no risks. It is a harmless and straightforward procedure. In the clinic setting, it is entirely safe because all preparations are certified, used for a long time, and well studied.

Placement of Veneers

If the teeth are healthy and the bite is correct, but the patient does not like the natural shape of the teeth (like, if they are too small) or the enamel has visible defects, then the placement of veneers is the answer. Perhaps you would like to get all on 4 Implants in Cancun

The current trend in the placement of veneers is a white but natural shade and imitation of the texture of natural enamel. Dental implants in Cancun are not that costly.

The size of the veneers is chosen based on the individual features of the patient’s appearance. The thickness of them allows for correcting the shape of the lips and the condition of the gums. There are generally accepted standards for the form and proportions of veneers, but in each case, the doctor chooses them individually.

Making a smile design in Cancun is easy. Anyone can get a perfect smile by consistently using all these techniques, regardless of the initial data.

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